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RISE|FALL & the animation machines


The 'Rise|Fall' machine was the last in as series of 6 experimental, hand built machines that attempted to create the illusion of animation through various processes.

Mk.1 Scrapped
-A far too ambitious motorised contraption


Mk.2 Full Circle
-A simple hand turned projection device using imagery from Etienne Jules Mary's 'Heron in Flight'

Mk.3 Icarus falls (i)
-A basic stroboscopic zoetrope capturing Icarus's fall


Mk.4 Here's to you Mr.Robinson

-Named after the remarkable William Heath Robinson- who designed and illustrated the most impractical machines.

Mk.5 Icarus falls (ii)

-Remodelling of Mk.i with sculpted figures and lightweight stand

Mk.6 Rise|Fall
-The final machine was a 2.5m high contraption compromising of two spinning parts. Small models of King Kong would climb from the base- while from the top the Icarus figures from Mk.5 fell.


The machine (and the shadows it produced) was built to highlight the struggle between dualities- whether physical and mental, emotional and intellectual, or logical and spiritual.

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