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The Narcissus selfies are a long running, fluxus-driven project looking into how we process our image in an age of endless repetitions and reflections.

The project originates from a habit where I create a lino print of my most recent passport photo. These prints are then recycled or reused in different processes.

The latest editions are created from multiple photocopies of the original print- these are then cut and collaged into abstract patterns, creating a pair of 'reflections'. These pieces link both the ‘selfie culture’ that seems particularly prevalent in SE Asia with the already existing network of photocopy and reproduction shops in major cities.


I enjoy the idea that while the population creates a virtual stream of repetitive images and quotations - there are hundreds of store workers creating a tangible mirror in toner and ink, both parties continuing until all meaning and purpose is lost.

The next edition is due in 2019.

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