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THE Kitsuné collection


The Kitsuné collection started as a symbolic tribute to the female role-models in my life. However through research into the Kitsuné myth, and progression in both the zoetrope and sculptures, I realised the initial goal had became contrived and strained- the image I was projecting did not feel authentic.


Instead the project evolved to encompass questions regarding the societal and mythological characteristics assigned to women- namely the fox spirits of SE Asian culture and the recurring trio of female ‘fates’ that crop up in many mythologies worldwide. There seems a common root of mistrust and fear, but also a sense of desire and awe- these creatures were respected and relied on for protection.


The juxtaposition of keeping them at arm’s length but also placing them on pedestal became a central idea to the project. The materials in both the machine and the sculptures try to reflect this image. On one hand they are very simple objects associated with domesticity and spirituality, but with the flick of a light, or a turn of a handle, they transform into something far more mysterious, fierce or ethereal.

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